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There are various reasons a tree may need to be pruned or trimmed. Discover why Apex is Calgary's trusted tree pruning service provider.

Calgary Tree Pruning Services

There are various reasons a tree may need to be pruned or trimmed. It may be for weight reduction, pruning for views, pruning for solar panels and extra light, pruning of hazardous limbs or perhaps just for aesthetics to name a few. Whatever the reason, it is often unknown that there are particular ways trees & branches should be pruned for the benefit of the tree. If branches are simply lopped off this can encourage epidermic growth or stress growth which is weakly attached and will generally lead to increased maintenance and failure.

Pruning /trimming also involves shrubs and hedges. We have trimmed hedges from 2 meters long to hedges 200 meters long. Again we have the equipment required to prune and shape any hedge to the customer’s desire. This not only ensures the tree can recover and heal over the areas pruned but is also much nicer in appearance. All of our staff from groundsman to climbers are trained to prune according to ISA standards. This is also reiterated by our team attending training days which can cover basic pruning techniques through to advanced pruning techniques.

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There are many reasons why Apex is Calgary's trusted tree service provider.
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